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A reset.  That seems to be the general consensus on how the general population will approach life once we are free to start living again.  I am looking forward to getting back to some sense of normal, but the stuff I’m looking forward to aren’t that extravagant.  I’m not really jazzed about doing wild and crazy things.  Instead, I’m more excited about the basics.

Think about those good, wholesome Saturday afternoons.  Cooking out.  Yard games.  Fixing the fence.  Eating a burger.  With friends.  That all sounds like Heaven to me.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

From top Left:

1. Weber Original Charcoal Grill:  Tell me there’s anything better than a burger cooked over lump charcoal.  I’ll wait.
2. Badminton Set:  The ultimate back yard game.  You can hold a cold one in one hand, and your racquet in the other.  Hammer the shuttlecock.
3. Igloo Sportsman STX Cooler:  We grew up using Igloo coolers.  The kind with the button on the side and the sliding top.  How about an updated version…  Canned beer and juice boxes.  Bring it.
4. Craftsman Tool Kit:  Why am I excited about fixing things around the house?  Does that sound weird?
5. Randolph Sunglasses:  Aviators.  The sunglasses that look good on anyone…  Magnum PI pulled them off, and he drove a Ferrari in Hawaii.  Check mate.
6. Patagonia Stand Up Shorts:  Buy a pair and they’ll last for ten years.  The perfect weekend shorts.
7. Tory Leather Shotshell Belt:  Buy one and it’ll last for twenty years.  You can pass this one down to your son.  He’ll be the coolest pledge in the house.
8. THE Lawn Chair:  We grew up lugging these all over the place – the ball field, the lake, the ocean…if it ain’t broke…
9. Buck 112 Ranger Knife:  The original multi-tool.
10. Kids T-Ball Set:  Set your kid up early to hit dingers…imagine the sheer joy when that first one clears the fence.
11. Rainbow Sandals:  Weekend warriors.  They work with everything, and are extremely comfortable.
12. Oak Street Penny Loafers:  We all grew up wearing penny loafers.  Most likely the Bass Wejuns.  Here’s the adult version.  Keep ’em filled with shoe trees, polished, and shined, and they’ll treat you right.

What basics are you looking forward to?



  1. Will
    04/29/2020 / 7:18 AM

    Throw in a pro dunk basketball goal and a stihl farm boss and you just put my whole life in a picture.

  2. PDB
    04/29/2020 / 7:59 AM

    Totally agree. At this point, what I want most to stand in the cul de sac with my neighbors, tipping a few cold ones on a warm night and watch our kids play until it’s too dark to keep playing. That day is coming, but not soon enough. Cheers.

    • HL
      04/29/2020 / 10:40 AM

      Maybe it is where I live, but this is what me and everyone I know are doing already. Just outside letting the kids play, drinking, cooking, crawfish boils, riding the golf cart around, taking the boat for a cruise. I am looking forward to restaurants opening and seeing strangers and drinking. I am getting more DIY and Honey Do’s done and I unfortunately can only cut my grass once a week.

      • PDB
        04/29/2020 / 12:47 PM

        Unfortunately, this is not the case here in the Northeast. The weather has stunk and people seem to be very tied to their homes at the moment. It does make my evening walks significantly less crowded though…so here’s to silver linings.

        • HL
          04/29/2020 / 1:45 PM

          I see – I am in Louisiana ( not New Orleans). I hope the best for you and yours ( and everyone). Hopefully the weather improves along with the economy and everyone can enjoy the most of the summer!

  3. JAL
    04/29/2020 / 8:39 AM

    Got really excited for a moment thinking you had a link to 5 inch inseam stand ups

  4. CVL
    04/29/2020 / 9:41 AM

    Great list of things to help us enjoy the simple pleasures. Encourage everyone to check out the video on the Lawn Chair USA site to see those chairs being made right there in GA. Really cool. Will be placing my order soon.

  5. Wells
    04/29/2020 / 10:01 AM

    Great list! How do stand-ups fit around the waist. I’m a 34/35 but I keep reading that they are really snug. Should I go with 36 to account for any shrinkage?

    • OhioHead
      04/29/2020 / 2:48 PM

      My oldest pair of stand-ups turned 20 years old this spring; I typical purchase 1 waist size bigger to sit lower on my hips/gain additional inseam length (I am 6’4”).

  6. Tanner
    04/30/2020 / 8:59 AM

    Backcountry had some stand ups on sale for $28 and just picked some up.

  7. JR Kamra
    04/30/2020 / 12:27 PM

    are you putting pennies in those loafers?

  8. Steven Bremer
    04/30/2020 / 4:49 PM

    I have brought out my golf chipping net as my oldest son started First Tee before all this craziness. The chipping net has brought hours of fun and I hope it helps once I start playing again. We need a new grill but I am going for a good Weber and with all the economic crap I am holding off on large purchases for the time bring.

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