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Unfortunately, there are casualties in the cycles of fashion.  Not to sound morbid, but looking back on what we all wore through the years, there are quite a few goodies that fell out of favor for one reason or another, and it’s a real shame.  I get it that brands have to evolve, but I wish they would ask me first.

Here are five things that I wish were still available as they were:

Champion 100% Arch T-shirts.  I know you can get a version of these today, but they aren’t the same as they were back in the 90’s.  Back then, these were thick, heavy 100% cotton, with thick paint and the iconic Champion ‘C’ ironed to the sleeve.  These shirts were bulletproof.  I had a bunch of them, and still pick them whenever I see them at Goodwill.  There is always the question of whether sporting colleges that you didn’t attend is above board…well, I don’t have the answer, but I don’t wear them too much in public.  If I ever am questioned, I usually respond with “I got it at Goodwill” or “I went to a party there”.

Britches Warthog Polos.  Man, I really miss these.  We’ve transitioned into a world where tech fabrics have become the preference, but I still have a serious love for the old cotton pique polo shirts.  These could be bought at the old Britches stores at the mall, and I used to have a ton of them.  The fit was just a touch wider than the Polo pique shirts, but these broke in so much better.  The fabric became extremely soft, but still had some structure.  And let’s not forget the best chest logo ever.

Fat Eddys Threadworks Straps.  There have been quite a few velcro straps through the years – The Band, Kavu, etc, but Fat Eddy’s was the cool version.  They had a cool look and feel that the others didn’t.  And just like that, they disappeared.  I had a black and green band that I wore with an Ironman (similar to Max’s above) and gave it quite a run.  I’d love to have that strap again.

North Face Mountain Light Jackets.  My friend Brad Evans wrote a GREAT piece on these jackets, so I’d recommend reading what he wrote.

7″ Champion Mesh Shorts.  Remember these?  They were the athletic version of the Baggies.  I had a few pairs and liked that there were no pockets, a relatively simple design, and they looked better the more dings they had.  I still have a couple pairs – one really cool green pair from Sea Island, and I covet them.  The elastic is starting to dry out, and the printed embroidery is starting to fade, but I love them as much as any other shorts I own.

What about you?  What would you like to see brought back?



  1. Nacho
    08/28/2020 / 8:06 AM

    Someone recently bought the brand and is redirecting the Warthog brand. I was on a PCA drive a few weekends ago andI swung by the new store and was very underwhelmed. As a DC native, I was hoping for something better than a t-shirt shop, with a few tech-fabric polos and some rebranded untuckit shirts with a warthog on it. And the women’s selection was pitiful. Was hoping form better.

    • JRS
      08/30/2020 / 8:14 AM

      Agreed. I’ve seen a few swings and misses like this. I don’t know why it’s hard to revive an iconic brand without “updating” (I.e. cheapening) the core product. It wasn’t broken before, so why fix it?

  2. HL
    08/28/2020 / 8:17 AM

    1990s Starter Team Jackets. Some can be bought for a premium on eBay (considering condition). You will find someone rocking one at a tailgate here in Louisiana or during the school ski trip. I was younger in the 90s – but I miss the style, vibes, way of the world, lack of social media.

  3. SB
    08/28/2020 / 10:03 AM

    Is it too early to lament 5″ Stand Up Shorts?

    • JRS
      08/30/2020 / 8:16 AM

      Maybe just a bit too early…however, I’m hearing rumors of a couple companies working to keep it alive.

  4. Cliff
    08/28/2020 / 6:45 PM

    Bring back:
    – 100% cotton chinos that are loose enough one can actually wear boxers underneath and have some ball room.
    – Heavy, must-iron OCBD shirts.
    – Rugby shirts. These are great for throwing on Saturday mornings in the fall.

    • JRS
      08/30/2020 / 8:17 AM

      Agree on all fronts. I have a couple pairs of the Bill’s Khakis M3 chinos that I love.

      I don’t know enough about Rugby shirts to make a recommendation.

  5. JDV
    08/30/2020 / 8:16 PM

    Full fitting, long rise khakis. I have two old pair left, one are Tommy Hilfiger, which fit great, but any others, even Orvis, which complains to be old school, just fit too tight in the thighs and crotch. And don’t get me started on Lands’ End and LL Bean’s models. I hear that O’Connells are the real McCoy but have not scraped together $120 for a pair of chinos just yet.

  6. Ryan
    09/01/2020 / 2:40 PM

    Bring back the early (mid 1990s), cylindrical Ping Hoofer golf bag. Stitch golf has done a great job creating a bag to fill the void, but a simple, retro Ping bag, with updated materials, would be a great product.

  7. SFM
    09/02/2020 / 5:30 PM

    So glad to see you pay homage to the timex/velcro band set up. I have a couple of old ‘rigs’ laying in my sock drawer. Given that it is currently 2020, and I am currently 36, I struggle to find the occasion for that look. If I’m outdoors i usually have my polar vantage M on with a rubbery strap for breathabillity and drying. I saw a company had cool “band-esque” designs that clip into the apple watch, but not so much for the standard quick release fitness watches. Might bring those back for the occasional chore Saturday.

    I do find myself missing some of the slight bulk of the items mentioned in the comments and article. Whether it be khakis that were cut for comfort v. relying on the stretch to do the heavy lifting (i share some of that blame…)

    One particular item i miss sorely is the prevalence of ahead branded golf hats in club houses. That was my quest to collect as many of those as possible. Love imperial and their fabrics that are showing up everywhere for their wash-ability, but seeing that ahead branding on a hat strap with it’s vice like brass closure… man that takes me back.

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