Fall Wish List

I noticed this morning that the sun is waiting a few extra minutes to make an appearance, and that it’s starting to set a few minutes earlier in the evening.  Oh – and we kick off (real) college football this weekend, which means one thing: Fall is approaching.  My favorite time of year.  Golf, fishing, hunting, football, cooler temps, and layers.  Does it get any better?

As we move into Fall, I like to take stock in what I have, and what I want.  Purges happen.  Of course, there is a wish list…with supply chains loosening up and some normalcy returning, brands are starting to release on a more regimented schedule.  And there is some GREAT stuff out there.  Here is what I’ve got my eye on:

From Top Left:

1. Colonel Littleton No. 1 Leather Bible Cover: Colonel Littleton doesn’t miss, and this new Bible Cover addition to their lineup will only enhance your Good Book.  It’ll make a daily devotion that much more special.
2. Needle Golf Grizzly Bear Belt:  I mean, tell me a cooler needlepoint belt exists.  I’ll wait.
3. B.Draddy Proctor Hoodie:  If I’m going to wear a hoodie, I want the best.  And B.Draddy knocked it out of the park with the Proctor.  I don’t know if I’m ready to wear this on the course, but it will get a lot of wear on the weekends.
4. Duck Head Overland Quilted Vest:  Duck Head has been making waves the last couple of years.  It’s nice to see that they’ve found their groove…much more than khakis, folks.  Their Overland vest in orange is just what the doctor ordered.
5. Orvis Pro Fly Line:  I’m upgrading the line in two reels – one of mine (for my 6wt) and for Mrs. RCS’s reel (for her 3wt).  The Orvis Pro line is as good as there is on the market.  Ready to get these spooled up and lines tightened up as soon as the temps drop.
6. Colonel Littleton Alligator Front Pocket Wallet:  I’ve had my buffalo leather front pocket wallet since 2017 and it’s just getting broken in.  However, I can’t stop looking at the Alligator options.  Call it FOMO.  I love it.
7. Benchmade Meatcrafter Knife:  My brother-in-law has this one, and it’s incredible.  All the more reason to get busy cooking some meat this Fall.
8. Tecovas Prescott Boots:  The absolute coolest boots that Tecovas has released.  Very ‘Yellowstone’, but approachable.
9. Tom Beckbe Solid Flannel Shirt:  The type of flannel shirt that gets worn hard for 20 years, then stolen by your boy.  My kind of shirt…
10. A Piece from Kerry Hayes:  We are about halfway done redecorating our downstairs, and need some art.  BIG art.  Kerry is a friend (and old neighbor), and she’s been killing it lately.  Her stuff is so good.

What’s on your wish list this Fall?



  1. JDW
    09/01/2021 / 8:20 AM

    I’ve got my eyes on the Colonel Littleton Alligator Front Pocket Wallet for Christmas…currently been carrying a smathers and branson card wallet that’s on its last leg.

  2. CCE
    09/01/2021 / 8:21 AM

    Fall for me means more time with my Weber charcoal grill, so I’ll be picking up a few new accessories.
    I’m also looking at picking up:
    – Jack Donnelly 5 pockets (very sturdy)
    – A new pair of Wallabees; mine are 15 years old and way past broken-in.
    – Some lighter weight flannel shirts (suggestions?)

  3. TSH
    09/01/2021 / 9:13 AM

    I’m looking forward to breaking in and enjoying a new pair of RM Williams and a pair of N&F selvedge jeans. Both are a first for me—really looking forward to temps dropping.

  4. abw
    09/01/2021 / 9:27 AM

    Got a new pair of suede wallabees, also listened to your recommendation on the merrell alpine sneakers, they are great so far! Looking forward to wearing them some more. Also love kuhl pants this time of year. Not sure I am sold on all the hooded stuff yet, maybe one day.

  5. HLL
    09/02/2021 / 9:53 AM

    I always enjoy reading these lists. I still learn about new brands or styles from other people that I may not have known about. My want list is ever-growing and changing. I have actually had an alligator front pocket wallet on mine for almost a year, adding another watch to my rotation (other things take precedent), a TCP pepperball pistol for home protection (safer than the possibility of taking a life if it came to it) monogrammed Oxford shirts ( I am liking this look more with jeans, boots and a vest – its the Southern fall look for tailgates or cocktail parties)

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