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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and the last couple months have been pretty fruitful on the eBay front.  I’ve gotten discretionary in terms of what I buy from any and all second-hand shopping.  Whether Goodwill, flea markets, estate sales, or eBay, I have really set the bar high in terms of what makes it into my shopping bag.

Well, I’ve gotten lucky lately, so I thought I’d share.

First, this Hunter’s Shirt from Ball and Buck.  This was a really rare edition they did for Garden & Gun, and the Interwebs really took to this one, including this guy.  I couldn’t believe one came available in my size, and the BIN price of $20 was a no-brainer:

My post-work and weekend attire has really become Baggies-heavy.  I wear them all the time.  I have one or two pairs that I bought new, but most of mine have been found second hand, or on eBay.  I really like the vintage colors that they don’t offer anymore.  I got a couple pairs that knocked it out of the park, both for under $20 a pair.  First – this purplish/blue pair from Pebble Beach.  While these might not be ‘Baggies’ in the truest sense, the pleats are really set them apart:

Second, a grail find for me – Green.  Real green.  For some reason, the only greens Patagonia has released recently are aqua or lime.  Tell me that these hunter green baggies aren’t incredible?:

I’ve been a fan of Petrified Goods for a while, and really dig their Baggies that feature a bunch of dancing bears.  The $90 price tag is a little much for me, and being that I never back down from a challenge, I’m sure there’s a pair of baggies that this $2 bear patch will enjoy.

I bought this $7 hat for the patch, but it turns out that the hat fits really well.  I’m really excited to get comments on this one:

I actually get quite a bit of my fishing stuff on eBay.  They have an excellent selection, and usually reasonable prices.  Now, for the majority of my fishing life, I’ve been a Zoom Pumpkinseed work guy.  The work in almost every single weather or water condition, and have yielded some serious results.  Recently I stopped a sporting goods store that had a huge sale happening on their fishing tackle.  I grabbed a couple bags of  ‘Cajun Craw’, and have been SLAYING bass with these.  However, I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Until an eBay search turned up these two bags for $3/bag:

Lastly, this is a find that is a once-in-a-year type find.  I haven’t really been into shell cordovan like I used to, but it hasn’t left my radar.  I caught these Ralph Lauren X Crockett & Jones Marlow loafers in Cigar Shell for a really low price.  I made an offer that I thought was super low, but they accepted it.  Really low.  Cole Haan-level low.  I absolutely love them.  Much more to come on these, as they will need a little work.

Have you had any good finds lately?

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  1. Nem
    07/08/2019 / 8:11 AM

    I have saved eBay searches for my preferred brand of knit polo shirts, stand-up shorts, and a few other standards.  My rule on the knit shirts is no more than $20 shipped.  Couple weeks ago a hot ATL Goodwill store yielded a purple gingham short sleeve Ralph Lauren button-down new with tags for $7.

  2. AR II
    07/08/2019 / 8:30 AM

    Snagged some NWOT peter Millar dress bit loafer maybe gen 1 for $18. Thought they were a steal 

  3. Sam
    07/08/2019 / 7:01 PM

    Ball and Buck’s original America hunters shirt for $25 bucks last month. It has to be the best buy I’ve ever gotten on eBay! 

  4. HLL
    07/16/2019 / 7:27 AM


  5. Kevin Didio
    08/13/2019 / 3:28 PM

    grabbed a Sid Mashburn Dress Oxford for $14. perfect fit no tailoring needed.

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