Review: Duck Head 1865 5-Pocket Chino

5-pockets have become a major player in the #menswear arena.  They are everywhere, and have become an acceptable alternative to khakis and jeans in almost every business casual and weekend casual environment.  And they’re comfortable – they wear like jeans but don’t necessarily require the attention of khakis or dress pants, such as ironing, dry cleaning, etc.

So there are a LOT of options out there, and I’ve curated my own collection.  I speak from experience, and I’m going to help you navigate these 5-pocket waters.  If there’s a brand you are curious about, leave a comment below or shoot me a DM in Instagram.

First up, the 1865 5-pocket Chinos from Duck Head.

Duck Head got back in the game a little over a year ago, and has been doing great work this time around.  It looks like they’ve got it dialed in with product, marketing, and a thoughtful roadmap (wait until you see what they’ve got for Fall…).  They recently released their 5-pocket option, which rounds out their pants offering nicely.

The pants are made of a cotton canvas with a slight bit of stretch (3%).  While this isn’t a lot, it’s enough that the pants really move around.  The canvas material gives them a nice texture, which I really like.  The labeling is subtle, with a yellow duck head tag on the front pocket, and a nubuck leather tag on the back pocket.

In terms of care, I wash these on cold, and dry them for about five minutes on low heat.  I then shape them (get rid of all the creases), and hang dry.  I haven’t needed to use an iron yet, but they may eventually require some light ironing.  As with most stretch pants, these do tend to stretch out a bit, so I wash them after every wear.

The fit on these is nice.  By no means are they ‘skinny’, but they are not a full fit at all.  I would call these a straight fit – much like Levi’s 501s.  The thighs don’t have any sort of flare, and the straight cut continues through the the cuff.   I wear a 33×32 in these, and after washing, I had to get them taken up about an inch.  I didn’t get them tapered, as I wanted to see how they wore.  I’ve worn them a few times since, and like the look very much.  I have worn them with loafers and with Allbirds, and think they look fine.  They are a slight bit wider than I’d like, but not enough to take them in- they don’t look baggy, which is usually the issue.  Come Fall, these will be great with boots.

The $98 price point is in line with the rest of the market, and I believe it is justified.  The quality of materials as well as the alterable fit make these pants a worthy addition to a 5-pocket lineup.  More 5 pocket reviews and round ups coming soon.  Drop us a note if you are interested in a particular brand and we will give them a test drive if they aren’t already part of the rotation.



  1. CBC
    06/24/2019 / 8:23 AM

    Very helpful. Since you asked, I’ve got my eyes on 5 pockets from each of AG (Graduate and Everett), Brax, Hiltl, Sid Mashburn, and Ledburry. Pretty sure I’ve seen sid’s and ledburry’s recommended here before, but not sure if there’s been a full write up

    • Nem
      06/24/2019 / 9:07 AM

      The Mashburn 5-pocket pants are the best fit I’ve found in the world of 5-pockets.  The rise is just right, the taper of the leg is perfect.  Pricey, but worth it to avoid the hassle of tailoring.

      • Stuart
        06/24/2019 / 7:38 PM

        Did you go up a size in Mash? 

        • NEM
          06/25/2019 / 9:41 AM

          I think it was the thin-wale cord that I was directed to go up a size in.  I wear 34×34 and went 35×34 in the 2 pair of 5-pocket cords I have.  All their canvas and garment dyed denim 5-pockets fit in my standard size.  Check the “Fit Notes” for each item for the details.

  2. TRI
    06/24/2019 / 1:25 PM

    I can attest to the quality of this Duck Head relaunch (I own some Gold School chinos), but strongly disagree about their marketing. Just last week they issued an email blast using “Complementary 2 Day Shipping” twice. I also wish they would ditch the very feminine cartoonish Duck in their logo. The logo and branding is one thing the Prospect ownership got right. It was a beautiful brand. Not keen on the current one.

    • Asher
      02/25/2020 / 2:03 AM

      How do you like your Gold School Chinos?

  3. KFD
    06/24/2019 / 2:19 PM

    Anyone tried the Onward Reserve 5- Pockets? Wondering about the fit.

    • NEM
      06/25/2019 / 9:36 AM

      OR 5-pocket cords from a season or two ago are too full for a 5-pocket in my opinion.  The legs were pretty wide in a 34 waist.  I haven’t tried them again.

  4. Joe
    06/24/2019 / 5:25 PM

    What color are these?

  5. BR
    10/23/2019 / 3:29 PM

    How do these stack up with the Sporting Gent Parkways and Levis 502 Tapers?

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