Chacos Resole – The Before

Earlier this year, I broke down and bought a pair of Chacos Z1s.  I got these second hand for a good deal.  I was looking for something to wear when fishing in a jon boat, as I do quite a bit in the Spring/Summer/Fall, and flip flops can sometimes get a little cumbersome.  My Father in Law almost exclusively wears Chacos in the Summer, so he vouched for them.

So far, so good.  I’ve had a lot of luck with these.  They are super comfortable, and provide great support in the boat.  I prefer to stand when fishing, and I’m usually in the boat for hours at a time.

I came home from a fishing trip about a week ago, and noticed something:

And more:

On the other shoe…

The soles were starting to separate from the shoes.  Keep in mind I have about $30 invested in these, so it wasn’t that big a deal, but it got me thinking, could I just glue these myself?  It’s a risk, but a $6 tube of glue worth it?

I sent out the question to the RCS Hive Mind on Instagram, and the OVERWHELMING response was to spend the $40 and send them in for a resole.  I know there are some Chaco Cult folks out there, and I really appreciated all the feedback.  I also heard that I’ll have them back within two weeks…that’s good news.

So here are the ‘before’ images.  I’ve got them packed up and ready to go – I’ll do a follow up post once they come back.

Do any of you have any experience with Chaco resole?  I’d love to hear it in the comments…



  1. Nem
    06/26/2019 / 7:57 AM

    You’ll be happy with the resole process.  They clean the straps and footbed like new, and attach a new sole.  Worth the wait.  But what will you wear to D&Co Saturday??

  2. CRW
    06/26/2019 / 8:29 AM

    $40 is a hell of a deal. I have always worn Teva’s. Like the lightness of them and always felt Chaco’s felt too heavy. Might give Chaco’s a try next time I see a pair on sale at Nordstrom Rack. 

  3. TCB
    06/26/2019 / 10:04 AM

    If you ever have the pressure washer out spray off the foot bed of the Chacos. They will look brand new. 

  4. OhioHead
    06/26/2019 / 3:25 PM

    RCS – I had heard about the Chaco re-sole process, thanks for the heads up!
    I am not sure I would buy used Chaco’s (or Birk’s) because of “how” the footbed molds to one foot.
    My kid’s want chaco’s and this could be an excellent way to save a buck or two!!!!

  5. JLK
    06/28/2019 / 8:31 AM

    I hate how you turned this into a post from Instagram. You have almost nothing in these financially and made it appear that Chaco doesn’t make a quality product, which we now find out you’ve purchased second hand. I’ve worn chaco sandals for going on 15 years now and I wish I sent my original pair back to get resoled when the sole first separated. After initially using a “shoe glue” that didn’t work for the long term, I broke down and sent them in. Going back I wish I sent them in sooner as my straps had worn down in result of said home repair. Upon sending my sandals back I found that my beloved sandal straps were discontinued. For $40 dollars I got a lighter sole which no longer scuffs up a boats finish and for another $25 new straps that complement the straps that I originally fell in love with. I currently rotate between my original pair and a couple of pairs of limited editions, I’ll never buy a different pair of sandals for the rest of my life. 

  6. BCM
    06/29/2019 / 6:16 AM

    The quality took a big dump when Merrell bought them out several years ago. My pre- and post-buyout Chacos are nothing alike. 

    • Jackie Evans
      04/15/2021 / 9:17 AM

      Do they feel like Chaco 👍 🤔

  7. Red River Royalty
    06/29/2019 / 7:03 PM

    For sure a good deal! I even had mine re-strapped (a puppy got a hold of them). Feels good to fix an solid product rather than just buy a new pair. More companies should stand by their products like this.

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