As we come into Spring, there is quite a bit to cover…from head to toe, as it were.  I’m working on a few of these roundups to show off all the good goods that are coming to market after a year of ho-hum releases.

Let’s start with sunglasses, shall we?  It’s fair to say that the sunglasses market has migrated away from guys wearing sport/fishing glasses with Croakies 90% of the time.  Sure, they have their place (I have a few pairs that I absolutely swear by), but in everyday settings, there are so many good options that provide all the technology and UV/polarized protection, but look a million times more ‘dressed up’.  Here is a rundown of what has my attention:

From top left:

1. Vuarnet District 1908 Sunglasses: Vuarnet has been making HUGE strides over the last year.  This list could have been their Spring catalog.  I absolutely love the Carrerra-style sunglasses, and they knocked it out of the park with their District 1908s.
2. Krewe Press Sunglasses:  Krewe has made big headway in the women’s sunglasses category (I can attest: Mrs. RCS has a couple of pairs that she loves).  Don’t sleep on their men’s selection.  These Press sunglasses in a color called ‘Sweet Tea’ are super cool and could be worn to a concert or to a wedding.
3. Vuarnet Edge 1615 Sunglasses:  An updated version of Aviators with some serious style.
4. Randolph Aviators:  Randolph gets a lot of well-deserved love here on Red Clay Soul, as they have stayed tried and true to their roots.  By now you all have a pair of gold aviators – but do you have their matte black version?  Same superior technology (and warranty), but in a more sleek style.
5. Rag & Bone Polarized Aviators:  The adult version of the Ray Ban aviators.
6. Costa Apalach Sunglasses:  Costa has to get some play in a rundown on sunglasses.  Their focus over the past couple of years has been away from the old-school ‘Fathom’ styles and to a more casual approach.  these Apalach are a great example of glasses that are sporty but don’t look it.
7. Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses:  An OUTSTANDING price point for some tortoise sunglasses.  Highly recommend.
8. Persol 714 Sunglasses:  The classics.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cooler pair of shades than these foldables from Persol.  They’ll literally never go out of style.
9. Oakley Frogskins:  I’m so happy to see these still on the market.  For $100 you get a throwback pair of sunglasses (with a super cool logo – don’t know why they ever changed) that work with almost everything.  These are what an investment banker who is also a massive Dead Head would wear.  They get it.

What shades are you sporting this year?



  1. Brian Robinson
    03/29/2021 / 7:56 AM

    My collection:

    RayBan polarized aviators
    RayBan kalichrome shooters
    RayBan Clubmasters
    Randolph Pilots

    That covers all my needs…..

    • Brendan
      03/29/2021 / 9:31 AM

      Revo Holtby (two pairs with Croakies – great for running around and workouts)
      Persols (no Croakies. Not sure of style number)
      RayBan Outdoorsman

      Having to deal with constant need for readers these days has created a bit of an issue as intend to lose them so I’ve taken to having them on Chums around my neck. Changes the sunglasses dynamic.

  2. Chris W
    03/29/2021 / 8:09 AM

    Have like 5 pair of Goodr. Good quality and cheap so when my 3 year breaks them or I lose them on the golf course its not a big deal.

    Have a old pair of RayBan Polarized Ray-Ban that stay in the car. Use to have a pair of Kaenon’s that I loved till I broke them.

  3. DH
    03/29/2021 / 8:14 AM

    Nice selection…been thinking of adding a few new options to the collection.

    My current rotation:
    Frogskins LX tortoise
    Vintage Frogskins black w/ purple mirror
    Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban Outdoorsman II
    Costa Deep Blue (excellent discontinued frame)

  4. Stephen
    03/29/2021 / 11:46 AM

    Good picks. I have some of the Billy Reid x Krewe that I dig. Also grabbed a paid of Izipizis during a Stag sale for about $30 and they’re the perfect knockaround glasses — lightweight, rubbery feel. Highly recommend.

  5. Tanner
    03/29/2021 / 1:26 PM

    I’ve had the same pair of Ray Ban aviators for ten years that I wear driving. Then I wear a pair of Costas for fishing and at the lake and beach. Just picked up a pair last week of Persol 714s. While they don’t stay on as easy as a non-folding pair they look great. If they’re good enough for Steve McQueen they’re good enough for me.

  6. abw
    03/29/2021 / 2:12 PM

    They probably fall a little more under the sport category, but if you spend much time on the road I highly recommend maui jim ho’okipa. Can’t even tell they’re on. We do a lotta traveling on the weekends, and these are the best I found to be able to wear for a 5+ hour car ride and not be annoyed with them. Great on the water too.

  7. Will
    03/29/2021 / 6:23 PM

    Three different pairs of Randolph aviators in glove box of each car ,

    Smith chromapop is my trout choice.

    Persol 649 dark tortoise with black shoes, blond with brown shoes. Prefer non polarized so I can read electronics.

    Thirty year old vaurnets on beach.

    Cheap sun clouds for farm work

  8. SFM
    03/30/2021 / 9:19 AM

    Great topic and really like the angle you approach it from. I too have had to spend a little time and money transitioning away from the more fathom-y style to something more subtle. Events of the last year have accelerated this already latent trend. First masks and croakies are bitter enemies for behind the ear real estate, Needless to say it’s tough to look smooth navigating both accessories in a restaurant situation. Secondly having a kid right at the onset of this has changed the croakie game massively, not wanting a 1 year old to grab the $250 sport glasses around your neck in prime chewing location.

    The more long term trend has been a factor of age and environment. Moving to Chicago from Texas a little more than a decade ago, I was pretty die hard on not giving up some of those distinguishing aspects of wardrobe and accessories. You’ll stick out like sore thumb if you have some bright green lenses and chums around you neck, eventually wearing down after years of strangers grilling you about it. Also the fact that outdoor activities are not great over half the year here and most of the time you’re on a train before the sun is up and after the sun is down you tend not to need ol’ trusty around you neck at all times.

    I’ll pass on two things actually gear related. I’ve found the brand Roka, out of Austin, does a great job marrying up some of the things i love about sport sunglasses with the refinements or shapes more tied to a classic. And they do it a good price below the standard costa and MJ and light years below persol and vaurnet. Finally given that croakies are out for a good chunk of the year here and different coats throughout the house are a must, don’t sleep on the knock around premiums. They’re $25 for polarized plastic sunglasses that you can stuff in a coat and not get mad when they’re all scratched up after a season (avoid the ones with script on the side). I also stuff them in the gym bag incase I need to have quick beer by the pool afterwards. For a slightly better version of that try sunski.

    • Fritz
      03/31/2021 / 12:00 PM

      As a Texan who lived in Chicago for a spell, can confirm that the blue/green lens Costas on chums solicit plenty of questions.

      • SFM
        04/01/2021 / 3:31 PM

        I also got questions for wearing a Titleist hat off the golf course after 9 pm. Clearly those are only allowed on the golf course. I learned my lesson 🙂

  9. 03/31/2021 / 11:03 AM

    Second SFM’s suggestion on Rokas. Terrific shades that blend style with pure functionality. Highly recommend!

  10. AWPJ
    03/31/2021 / 1:18 PM

    Love the look of the 714s but had 3 break at different hinge points. Switched to vuarnet’s and couldn’t be happier with the quality. Bonus as they were originally designed for skiing they dont fog up when you have a mask on and they stand out from all the persols that half the guys in the south have.

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