The Look | Early Spring Cocktail Hour

Ahh…cocktail hour.  On most days it can’t come soon enough.  Since most cocktail hour outings aren’t planned until about an hour beforehand, dressing accordingly can be tricky, but dressing well isn’t.  You know how to do it.  This time of year, layer accordingly as the temperature might drop enough to warrant a jacket for that second or third drink.

This year, let’s stick to the regular 8-pack of Crayola colors…nothing pastel or neon yet.  The blues and tans play well off each other, and add some punch with a good plaid shirt.  Here’s how to do it:

From top left:

1. Billy Reid Linen Lexington Sport Coat:  Let’s not argue over the Easter/Linen rule.  Since the sun is warm, break it out.  Billy Reid does a great job with his sport coats, and this one is no exception.  The best thing about linen is that it will wrinkle ‘just right’.
2. Panerai Watch:  Outstanding style – not many out there, but if it’s good enough for the Italian Navy, it’s good enough for you.
3. Hugh & Crye Traveler Sport Shirt:  A great option for that punch of plaid with a normally muted outfit.  The plaid is subtle enough for any watering hole, but not so bright that you look like a street sign.
4. Levi’s LVC 519 Bedford Pants:  You will be amazed at how much wear you’ll get out of a pair of tan jeans.  The work with just about every outfit, but as with anything, fit is key.
5. Ledbury Millington Belt:  Ledbury did a great job with this belt, letting the buckle add a bit of interest to a ‘normal’ leather belt.
6. Martin Dingman Osage Navy Waxy Saddle Driver:  It’s good to see blue leather start to make it’s way into the loafer spectrum, and these drivers are a great example of letting the style do the talking.  Or walking.  Or both.


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