The National Championship


It’s here.  A bittersweet day – the College Football National Championship will remain the SEC, but no more games for nine months.

We’ve got recruiting to talk about in February, Spring practice in a couple months, then the energy of starting practice in August…all the while listening to why there should be a playoff/teams should never rematch for the National Championship/blah blah blah.  Sounds like a bunch of non-SEC fans.  How appropriate is the National Championship in the heart of SEC Country – New Orleans, LA.  They say it’ll be like a home game for LSU, but we all know Bama fans travel well.  For the non-jersey wearing crowd, here’s how to look good for tonight’s game:

LSU Details:
Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Flask: Do you really need an explaination here?
Southern Marsh Gadwell Gingham Shirt: Purple with a gold duck.  Royal.
Pennington & Bailes LSU Embroidered Pants and Hoof-Pick Belt: S&B’s stadium pants are an excellent way to stand out in a crowd, without being obnoxious (wear ’em with loafers).  The hoof-pick belt is a must for every gentleman.  You’ll wear it more than you think.

Bama Details:
State Traditions ’13’ Gray Alabama Hat: It may be vintage after this game.
Southern Point Co.  Hadley Shirt: Sharp way to support the Tide…and you always want to look sharp.
Collared Greens Chattahoochee Belt: Crimson and Silver; regimental style.
Jack Donnelly Khakis: At least look like you know what you are doing…

But – tonight is the night.  A rematch of the November 5th classic.  Defenses ruled, and offenses stalled.  Want to talk about Bama’s kicking game?

So for tonight’s game – I’ll give the official Red Clay Soul prediction:

Bama – 31
LSU – 27

The talent level is just about even on both sides.  BUT – I wouldn’t bet against Saban on his second try vs. LSU.

Let’s hear it – what do you think?



  1. Brendan O'Connell
    01/09/2012 / 1:53 PM

    Digging both styles . . . but must interject one thought. As the founder of Collared Greens, Randy Ashton, is a proud alumnus of my alma mater Hampden-Sydney, I must possit that the “crimson and silver” you are claiming for the ‘Bama look, is actually “garnet and grey” – our colors.

    Just sayin’

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