Eye Candy: 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger

Came across this bad boy, and had to share.  Check out this 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger.  Being sold by a collector in Michigan (via eBay), he’s asking a BIG price, however, it’s essentially a nut and bolt restoration.  She is basically perfect.  You know I’m a sucker for two-tone…

Since I’ve gotten Bertha, I’ve had a TON of conversations about vintage SUVs, my process with Bertha, etc.  Judging by the current prices of pre-’75 Broncos, Jeep Scramblers, FJ40s, and old Defenders, there’s a ‘what’s next?’ question floating around.  My opinion?  I think the values of the aforementioned vintage SUVs/trucks have topped out.  I don’t know how the market sustains those options going much higher.

Today, I think there are two vintage SUVs models that are ripe for the picking.  Trucks that you can find at an affordable price, and should see significant gains in value over the next 5-10 years:  FJ60-62s and full-size Ford Broncos (’79-’96).  When looking for Bertha, I wanted to find something that needed some work and wasn’t overvalued.  I was VERY close to buying a ’94 Bronco, but couldn’t make it work for a variety of reasons.  Bertha was the right one for us, and we are very happy.

Back to this brown beauty: this is a great example of the iconic Ford Bronco.  Let this wet your whistle and then start scrolling Autotrader…

See the listing here.



  1. SMB
    02/17/2021 / 9:14 AM

    This thing is beautiful and speaking of the SUVcraze.

    GM is missing a huge opportunity by not releasing a new Blazer/Jimmy. The current new Blazer and Trailblazer are absolute jokes. This was there chance to go after the Bronco and Bronco Sport and they blew it.

    I have one neo-vintage car; an MA Miata, so I want my daily driver to be modern. The Bronco Sport is on the short list.

    • SFM
      02/17/2021 / 11:32 AM

      Completely agree on the missed opportunity for GM. Ford is going to smoke them with this Bronco release (way to read an underserved market). When i was 16 I was green with envy for anyone that had a pre ’75 fully removable top bronco or K5. I’ll be honest.. I still am. While was always partial to the old K5 or the bronco, Ford is offering something way closer to what I want (can’t afford a $240k 69 bronco hahah)

      • JRS
        02/17/2021 / 3:57 PM

        I have to believe that Chevy/GMC is kicking themselves for missing the boat on the Blazer. I love the new Bronco, but it has much more of a Jeep feel than an SUV. I feel like there’s a happy medium that Chevy could capitalize on…

        • CCE
          02/17/2021 / 6:07 PM

          Agree on your take on Bronco being more a “Wrangler killer” than SUV. I’m hoping the boxy early to mid-1990s Cherokees make a comeback. Nothing beats a Chrysler I-6 engine.

          • SMB
            02/18/2021 / 8:23 AM

            This is where I think the Bronco Sport shines. It is capable but doesn’t have the look or feel of the Jeep/Defender.

            The Bronco Sport is on my short list when I replace my current daily driver.

  2. Fritz
    02/17/2021 / 12:47 PM

    What we’re seeing in the vintage SUV/truck market is very similar to what has happened in the muscle car market as well, in my opinion. All are very cool, but getting pushed into astronomical valuations. The traditional thinking on the muscle cars was that baby boomers with retirement savings were buying the cool camaros/mustangs/chevelles from their youth. Now it seems like the vintage Land Cruiser/Defender/Bronco/Blazer market is on fire just from general popularity. I similarly am always wondering what will be the next big thing.

    • JRS
      02/17/2021 / 4:03 PM

      Yeah – I’ve been watching it very closely over the past few years. As I mentioned in the post, I think there are a few worthy models that haven’t hit that astronomical price yet (full-size Broncos and FJ60/62s). There are a couple more, but those are the most obvious. Good examples can be found for under $10K, and with a $10-15K investment (engine/systems/exterior), you are still in the black, and the values are only going to go up. I do love thinking about what’s next… Mrs. RCS would love to have a late-90s/early-00s Discovery, but the issue with these is the maintenance cost – you have to do the mechanical yourself or you’ll get buried. Another good one are the mid-late 90s 4Runners. They are built on a fantastic frame and have a good engine. And it’s a Toyota, so cost to maintain is going to be low (in comparison).

      • SMB
        02/18/2021 / 8:26 AM

        My brother in law has a mid/late 90s 4Runner and an early 2000s model. Both are great rigs.

  3. Ron
    02/18/2021 / 7:55 AM

    Owned a Vintage Grand Jeep Wagoneer for a few years
    Nice truck white with wood panels
    Traded it in I just got tired of constantly having it repaired every month or so
    Vintage trucks are great to dream about but owning one is another thing however a vintage 911 is in my future

  4. NEM
    02/18/2021 / 9:09 AM

    An important point brought up by multiple posters is the necessity for an aptitude for maintaining “vintage” vehicles. Part of the fun of ownership is maintaining the mechanicals and upgrade/refresh projects. RCS has a prime example in his garage and I’m curious what his thoughts are so far on ownership. Have you changed the oil and inspected the differential fluids? I understand hiring out a manifold leak or new exhaust install, but what have you learned from just staring up from beneath the engine bay?

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