RCS Swimsuit Edition

I hope you are all spending quite a bit of time on the water this summer.  It’s hot as the dickens down there, and Mrs. RCS and I have been spending quite a bit of time floating.  Guys – there are quite a few swimsuits out there, so let’s shine a little light on what’s good:

From top left:

1. Onward Reserve Atlantic Gingham Swimsuit: Onward Reserve’s brand has expanded beyond golf shirts, folks.  Their trunks are just like you remember: good fit, shorter inseam, and a quick-dry fabric that doesn’t look like quick-dry fabric.
2. Southern Marsh Seawash Shoals Trunks:  Personally, I like the washed-out look.  These remind me of the old OP swimsuits I used to wear as a kid.  These work in town as well, just throw on a polo.
3. Patagonia Baggies:  The best shorts you can buy.  They are good for everything.  You can’t own enough pairs.  I believe I have five pairs.  Anything other than 5″ inseam is a waste of money.
4. Southern Marsh Tie Dye Trunks:  I’m always looking for reasons to wear tie dye.  These from Southern Marsh do the trick.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.
5. Strong Boalt Bamboo Board Shorts:  Strong Boalt board shorts have a GREAT fit, and the designs are very Palm Beach/Alys Beach.  I wear them all the time.
6. Solid & Stripe Classic LAS Brisas Trunks:  I like stripes, and I like short inseams.  I came to know this company from East Dane, and I like what I see.
7. Katin Stanley Hybrid Trunks:  Katin does great work, and while these may be a little long, the styling is just right.
8. Vilebrequin V-Fish Trunks:  The top of the heap…Vilebreqin does great work.  They have updated their fits, and offer some less critter-friendly designs.  Good stuff.

What’s your go-to swimsuit?



  1. Landy
    07/19/2017 / 7:33 PM

    No love for the tried and true Polo swim trunks? 4 thru 8 are a bit loud for anyone over the age of 21

  2. Nem
    07/20/2017 / 11:45 AM

    No Birdwell 310s either…kids these days just don’t know.

  3. dddd
    07/20/2017 / 3:37 PM

    all elastic waist?  No thanks.

    • Nem
      07/20/2017 / 8:19 PM

      All but one…lol

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